Italy, so far... / by Galen Stilgebauer

Well, I've been in Italy for about six weeks now.  I showed up with a broken wrist and not really being able to ride my bike much.  My wife and I came over here with the expectation of following the Giro d' Italia for our third consecutive year running.  Obviously photography is a passion of mine and so is cycling.  I've been into cycling for most of my life and got pretty serious about it about 8 years ago.  Being able to combine the two passions is certainly rewarding.


Riding my bike with a broken wrist provided some challenges.  That probably goes without saying, but I love the energy that is out there on the sides of the roads during bike races and I feel that I capture the racing and the scene in a unique way.  This is why I choose to ride uphill with all my gear.  I feel like it gives me the same perspective as the racers and I see what they see.  Being in a car and not feeling the sting in your legs and lungs just isn't the same.



It isn't always all the about the racing though.  It's about finding our way to the next town, the next stage, the next adventure.  For me, there's nothing better than being somewhere for the first time.  Looking at something for the first time with fresh eyes.  You'll never see it the same way again.  It kind of forces you to live in the moment.


Everyday you wake up and fill your lungs with air is a gift.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to go out and find these beautiful scenes and to be able to share them with those that choose to follow along.


These are just a few of the many frames I have captured.  I'm always looking froward to the next thing that will catch my eye.  Until then...